Dear players,

I´m happy to announce that the Tribal Wars Masters community will be starting a special new project. We will be enabling all of you to use the Tribal Wars Masters servers to play on with friends or enemies, allies or tribe-members or just a solo-play to try out new tactics without interference (private server).

Before we go on I want to inform you this project is entirely new in the browser-gaming world, it's as new for us as for InnoGames, the Team and you the players. It's a project in construction and we want you to choose the direction, path and future of this project.

For 600 Premium Points you can rent one of the servers for 4 hours. With your desired settings and people (max 20).

Start a fun-round for you, your friends, your tribe or fight out your battles with your enemy. Let loose your own creativity and enjoy the freedom we can give you, Nearly everything is possible!

Hard Facts:

- Price: 600 Premium-Points
- Duration: 4 Hours
- Settings: Whatever you wish (within the technical possibilities)
- Amount of people: 20 (100 Premium points for 20 extra slots)

How do I rent a round?

Fill in the following google docs form:

After filling this in we will contact you for further handling.

I want to stress the fact that nearly everything is possible (Within reason and technical possibilities). We are of course bound to what the settings can or can't do, but it's not the settings making the fun, that's all up to you! Please add your wishes and questions to the end of the form.

Suggestions and idea's are always welcome in the discussion topic in our forums:
Discussion Topic

With best regards,
Tribal Wars Masters Community Management