<font size="5"><b><div style="margin-left:40px">Monday-Night-Lives!</div></b></font><br> Dear Players,<br> <br> We'dd like to announce our Monday Night Lives tournament.<br> In the coming 8 weeks we'll be holding a Tournament round every monday!<br> <br> This is a regular Speed-Tournament consisting of 10 rounds (<i>1 round a week, 8 weeks</i>). <br> This Tournament will be a Player Championship based tournament <a href="http://wiki.tribalwarsmasters.net/index.php?title=Tournaments#Player_championship_to urnaments" target="_blank">More Information</a><br> <br> We will be handing out the following prizes to the top 3 players<br> <br>
<ol class="decimal"><li style="">500 Premium Points to the Winner</li><li style="">300 Premium Points to the Runner-up</li><li style="">200 Premium points to the 3d place</li></ol><br>
<br> Four all planned rounds and settings visit <a href="http://www.tribalwarsmasters.net/sds_masters.php">This link</a href><br><br> We want to wish you the best of luck!<br> <br> With best regards,<br> <i>Your TribalWars Masters Team</i>